English for Academic and Professional Purposes Week 10


1.) Choose the letter of the sentence that shows the correct sentence construction.

= Using drones can report stories without getting risks of personal injury to reporters .

= Is it possible to travel through space in a short period of time ?

= Hughes Electronics with its direct TV can beam cable directly to your home .

= After surfing the internet for an hour, Erwin left the computer.

2.) Choose the concise sentence below.

= This is the most attractive offer I've received.

= We can achieve our goals through cooperation.

= Follow the road west until you see our facility on the right.

= We have eliminated the bugs from this program.

3.) Write the correct verb form (in present and present continuous tense) of the verbs inside the parentheses. (RED PO YUNG SAGOT)

= Not like: Don't like

= Do: Is doing

= Not mind: Don't mind

= Recognize: Recognize

= Not Believe:  Don't Believe

= Prefer: Prefer

4.) Complete the following with simple present, present continuous, present perfect or present perfect continuous forms of the verbs in parentheses. (RED PO YUNG SAGOT) (BLUE PO YUNG SAGOT NA HINDI NAITAMA NG OED. I MEAN TAMA PO SIYA PERO HINDI TINAMA NG OED)

= Begin: Had begin

= Make:  Make

= Increase: Had Increased

= Attract: Attracts

= Pay: Pays

= Receive: Receives

= Be: Are

= Study/Usually: Usually

5.) The items below requires two answers. First, identify the correct meaning of the underlined word in the sentence. For the second one, give which type of context clue the word is. Drag and drop the correct answer to the blanks.

= Oyster: A Shell ; Definition

= Sporadic: Appearing in Scattered Instance ; Restatement

= Tawdry: Cheap or Ugly in Appearance ; Contrast / Antonym

= Seething: Intensely Hot ; Mood

= Grueling: Very Difficult ; Restatement

= Eccentric: Bizarre ; Synonym 

6.) Drag and drop the correct answer to the blanks. (Transition) [Sunod-sunod po 'to]

= As a result

= For Example

= Moreover

= Futhermore

= Therefore

7.) Looking for a definition in a dictionary

= Scanning

8.) It is an active reading or detailed reading.

= Critical Reading

9.) Error in printing is called ___________________

= Misprint

10.) If someone's writing is not readable, we would call it __________________

= Illegible

11.) In ancient times, it was very important to build castles with ______________ forts.

= Impregnable

12.) Getting the gist of a text

= Skimming

13.) Recording questions for follow -up

= Critical Reading

14.) The language used in the classroom and in professional setting.

= Academic English

15.) The writer communicates certain ideas to provoke the audience._________

= Subjective

16.) Who provide this definition on reading?

= Hudelson