Physical Education and Health G11A

PEDH-2111-2012S Physical Educ & Health G11A

Physical Education and Health offers experiential learning for learners to adopt an active life for fitness and lifelong health. The knowledge, skills and understanding which include physical and health literacy competencies support them in accessing, synthesizing and evaluating information; making informed decisions; enhancing and advocating their own as well as others’ fitness and health. This course on exercise for fitness enables the learner to set goals , monitor one’s participation in aerobic and muscle- and bone-strengthening activities and constantly evaluate how well one has integrated this into one’s personal lifestyle. It consists of an array of offerings which learners can choose from.

10 minutes According to experts, how long should cool down exercises last?
all of the choices What should you avoid while training in the gym?
all of the given choices Which of the following is a possible cause for emotional eating?
All of the statements are correct Why should athletes consume fat?
BEACHES Which of the following is designed to monitor children's eating activity at home and at school?
Behaviors of Eating Activity for Children's Health Evaluation System When it comes to Direct Observation methods, BEACHES stands for which of the following?
Both lean body mass and body fat The body composition of an individual is composed of which of the following?
Distress This is also known as negative stress.
Doubly Labelled Water Which of the following is a technique used to estimate the total energy expenditure accurately based on the movement of 2 different types of water found in the body?
Fitness events can serve as a starting point for people to begin changing their lifestyle. Which of the following statements is correct?
Flashlight with batteries Which of the following must be included in your Disaster Supply Kit?
Fundraising Team Which of the following is likely to be in-charge for the funding of an event?
high % of muscle and low % of fat Which of the following is a goot muscle-to-fat ratio?
ice pack When it comes to fractures, what should be applied to the injury if there is swelling?
Leadership skills Monty is the captain of the school's basketball team. Throughout the game, he was unable to keep his teammates organized, hence they lost in the end. Which of the following values does Monty need to work on?
MAC lipstick Which is not essentially included in a disaster supply kit?
makeup kit Which of the following is not an essential part of a disaster supply kit?
Never give up Annabelle has been working hard in order to lose weight, by jogging everyday. The progress to weight loss is slow, but she persisted until she finally achieved a fitter body. Annabelle displays which of the following values?
none of the choices Which of the following is not affected by community emergency?
Principle of Reversibility Which of the following states that adaptations that take place as a result of training are reversible?
SOPLAY Which of the following is a type of direct observation which assesses the number of people in a designated activity area and their activity level at a specific time?
all of the choices Which of the following is a non-communicable disease?
All of the given choices are correct Which of the following you should keep in mind when planning the frequency of an exercise workout program?
15 to 30 minutes How long should a person take a daytime nap in order to ease the mind and body of stress?
all of the choices Which of the following is true about triangular bandages?
Body Mass Index (BMI) Which of the following will help you assess your weight and height?
Food poisoning is caused by consumption of food or drink that is contaminated by bacteria. Which of the following statements is true?
II During the Stage _____ of an Overuse Injury, the individual may experience pain during and after a physical activity, but not while at rest.
Inviting the news media to report about your upcoming event Which of the following is an example of communicating your health and fitness event using traditional media?
knee joint Where does osteoarthritis commonly occur?
Principle of Progression This implies that there is an optimal level of overload that must be attained, and an optimal time frame for this overload to occur.
Recreational Sports and exercise fall under which type of physical activity?
7 to 9 hours How many hours of sleep at night does a person need in order to lessn stress?
all of the choices Which of the following must be kept in mind when giving first aid to an individual with a fractured bone?
All of the given choices Which of the following can lead to stress?
all of the given choices are correct Why are cool down exercises essential part of an exercise program?
Clean the injury with gentle soap and cool water What is the first thing to do when treating a burn?
Fair play Determine which of the following is being described by this statement: Although winning is important, losing is not a disgrace. It is important to have respect to those who have been defeated.
FITT Principles These are key factors in designing an exercise program.
fracture Which of the following is a form of unintentional injury wherein there is a crack or breaking of bone?
Frequency Which of the following refers to the number of exercise training sessions that a person has to undergo in a week?
Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type The FITT Principle is an acronym for which of the following?
heart-rate telemetry Which of the following is not a form of subjective method used for assessing physical activity?
higher The body experiences ________ loads than usual during physical activities.
In its most basic definition, it refers to any form of movement that makes use of the body's energy. Which of the following is true about physical activity?
Osteoarthritis Which of the following refers to the wear and tear of a joint that results to its deterioration?
Sara has strong leadership skills Sara is the captain of the girls' volleyball team. She meets with the coach and the rest of the team in order to plan for the upcoming game. She assists her team mates and lets them know what to do during the game. She also encourages them to improve. Based on the given information, which of the following statements is true?
shorter lifespan for your equipment Lack of proper maintenance could lead to which of the following?
Stalking Which of the following is a form of behavior that makes a victim feel harassed and in danger?
Carbohydrate Which of the following serves as the body's main fuel during physical activity?
30 centimeters apart When performing the Sit and Reach, how far should the individual's feet be apart?
All of the choices. Which of the following strategies can help you at times of emergencies?
All of the given choices are correct Which of the following is a proper way to prevent sports injuries?
Applying sterile bandage or plaster after cleaning the wound Which of the following is part of the first aid measures to be taken when someone has been cut?
blood pressure Which of the following refers to the force exerted by the blood upon the arteries as the heart pumps blood?
Body Mass Index Which of the following is a widely-accepted tool in assessing the body's composition?
bursa This sac-like musculoskeletal structure provides support and cushioning to the joint.
Earnestness and sincerity Lev knows that he is a rookie at volleyball, and that he has to work harder in order to become better at the game. As such, he practices serving and blocking balls regularly. He takes practice very seriously. Which of the following values does Lev represent?
emphasize on the active range of motion of the joint When it comes to warm up exercises, what is the main goal of dyanmic stretching?
Frequency Which of the following refers to how often one person will exercise?
Hazing Which of the following is NOT an example ofcommunity emergency?
Insitutional Which of the following is not a type of physical activity?
none of the choices Which of the following is not a part of a planning team?
None of the choices Which of the following is not essential in an organized event?
Planning Determine which of the following values in fitness activities is being indicated: It teaches an individual to plan things ahead and know the consequences of his or her act.
Principle of Individuality This principle states that each individual have various levels of adaptation to the workout.
shinbone Which part of the body is usually affected by stress fracture?
Strain A twist, pull, or tear of muscle or tendon that results from overstretching or over contraction.
Flexibility Sara is an aspiring figure skater. Stretching is an important part of her exercise routine. Sara is trying to improove which of the following components of physical fitness?
Fluids are a key to peak performance Which of the following statements is TRUE?
It does not require the presence of oxygen Which of the following is TRUE about Phosphagen System?
Physical activities helps people socialize Yuri has always been a shy person. He rarely socializes with the people around him because he lacked confidence. A relative invited him to try swimming lessons and he started to like the exercise. He met fellow students who are taking swimming lessons as well. This reflects which of the following?
Static stretching Which of the following resistance training programs is a slow and sustained muscle-tendon lengthening exercise in which the limb is moved at the end of the Range of Motion?
FALSE Supplements are the best sources of fuel.
FALSE TRUE OR FALSE: The Principle of Specificity views exercise as a form of stress that's meant to strengthen the body.
FALSE TRUE OR FALSE: The Aerobic system takes a shorter time than the Glycolytic system.
FALSE TRUE OR FALSE: Physical activity is limited to sports and exercise.
FALSE TRUE OR FALSE: Long and Slow Training must be maintained within a period of 20 seconds.
FALSE True or false: Blood pressure does not change as humans get older.
FALSE The diastolic pressure is the blood pressure when the heart beats while pumping blood.
FALSE A high intensity workout should last for a long time.
FALSE True or False: Stage II Overuse Injuries causes a person to feel pain whether they are at rest or play.
FALSE Assessing your HRF is not important in determining the appropriate exercise program for you.
FALSE True of False: Exercise is not good for people who want to relieve stress.
FALSE True or False: You can wear anything when you exercise.
FALSE Overcoming emotional eating involves starving the individual.
FALSE True or False: Not all communities have to practice emergency preparedness.
FALSE True or False: Unintentional injuries are a result of violence.
FALSE True or False: Maintaining facilities used in physical activities is irrelevant.
FALSE True or False: Sports and physical activities teach students not to play fair.
FALSE True or False: It is not important to know the effectivity of a physical activity.
FALSE True or False: People do not have to practice disaster management if there are capable rescue teams around.
FALSE True or False: Disaster preparedness is the government's business alone.
TRUE TRUE OR FALSE: As one improves his or her physical fitness level, he or she must have workouts with higher intensity.
TRUE Having an active lifestyle can help manage one's stress.
TRUE Exercise is defined as a planned program consisting of various physical activities which will help boost one's physical fitness level.
TRUE TRUE OR FALSE: According to experts, the ideal time limit for cool-down exercises is 10 minutes.
TRUE TRUE OR FALSE: Different physical activities promote different components of physical components.
TRUE The primary difference between emotional eating and binge eating involves the amount of food being consumed.
TRUE TRUE OR FALSE: The PNF or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation program often requires an assistant.
TRUE Carbohydrate, protein, and fat are all keys to a fueling diet.
TRUE As the physical fitness level increases, so does the intensity of the workout.
TRUE Extremely high body temperature can be fatal.
TRUE The Intensity of an exercise workload can be measured in two ways.
TRUE True or False: Physical activities are only beneficial to your health if you do it several times a week.
TRUE Alcohol can help make people lose their inhibitions.
TRUE True or False: Internally, an individual can identify the intensity of his or her training program by gauging the level of fatigue or exhaustion felt.
TRUE True or False: Bursitis is common among swimmers.
TRUE True or False: A Comprehensive Training Program should address the fitness parameters such as aerobic and strength, as well as assess the weaknesses and abnormalities of a person's movements.
TRUE True or False: Being physically active can help you manage stress.
TRUE True or False: One of the most relevant approaches to manage stress is managing the stressors.
TRUE According to experts, the amount of food we eat can be affected by the setting we are in and who we are with.
TRUE True or false: It is important for athletes to consume food from a variety of sources.
TRUE Emotional eating happens as a response to stress.
TRUE True or False: Time is influenced by the intensity and type of activity that a person is planning to do.
TRUE True or False: Stress fracture is characterized by a dull, aching pain that worsens over time.
TRUE True or False: Lack of appropriate time for rest may cause overuse injuries in the future.
TRUE True or False: School health programs should involve the family and community
TRUE True or False: The youth are prone to acts of violence such as joining gang wars.
TRUE True or False: Disaster preparedness is everyone's business.
TRUE True or False: Always include neighbors with special needs into your disaster preparedness plan.
TRUE True or False: Avoid monopolizing the equipment when training in the gym.
TRUE True or False: Accidents take place in gyms and training areas due to negligence in maintaining equipment and facilities.
TRUE True or False: Communities, families and individuals should know what to do in the event of a storm or hurricane.
TRUE True or False: A good leader is one who leads others on to leadership.
TRUE True or False: Sports teaches students to focus on the present.
TRUE True or False: When creating rules and guidelines for fitness events, it is essential to remember that each individual's understanding of healthy living varies.
TRUE True or False: Physical Activities must be evaluated to determine their effectiveness.
TRUE True or False: Success is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you have done your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.
TRUE True or False: Every successful fitness event challenge must have structure, tips and guidance.
TRUE True or False: Sports and other forms of physical fitness activities teaches people to never give up and to remain persistent until you achieve success.
TRUE True or False: Rewards may persuade more people to take on the challenge of staying fit.
TRUE True or False: Peer pressure can lead some children to join gangs, most of which are often involved in gang wars.
TRUE True or False: Proper maintenance can lead to longer equipment life.
TRUE True or False: Freak accidents may occur if the fitness equipment are not properly handled.