Data Structures and Algorithm

This course covers overview of C++, concepts of data structures, advanced topics in C++ programming including its algorithm of the different data structures programs in C++.

TrueA bank simulation of its teller operation to see how waiting times would be affected by adding another teller.
QueueA bank simulation of its teller operation to see how waiting times would be affected by adding another teller.
StartIn the linked representation of the stack, __________ pointer behaves as the top pointer variable of stack.
FIFO, First In First OutThis form of access is used to add and remove nodes from a queue.
BackNew nodes are added to the ________ of the queue.
TRUEThe root of a tree is the node that has no ancestors.
Remote AssistanceIt is a windows 7 feature that enables support staff to connect to a remote desktop computer.
all of theseWhich of the following is an application of stack?
StackA word processor to have a PF key that causes the preceding command to be redisplayed. Every time the PF key is pressed, the program is to show the command that preceded the one currently displayed
TreeWhich data structure is suitable to represent the hierarchal relationship between elements?
TRUEA binary tree is a tree in which each node can have zero, one, or two children.
BroadcastWhich of the following is not an IPv6 Address types?
LIFOThis form of access is used to add/remove nodes from a stack.
circular linked listIn linked lists, there are no NULL links in ______________
ListThis refers to a linear collection of data items.
DequeueThis is a linear list in which insertions and deletions are made to form either end of the structure.
Dequeue"This form of access is used to add/remove nodes from a stack. "
TopA pointer variable which contains the location at the top element of the stack.
traversalThe operation of processing each element in the list is known as ________________.
None of theseWhich of the following is not the part of ADT description?
Garbage collectionThis may take place only when there is some minimum amount or no space left in free storage list.
TRUEThe value in the right child of a node (if it exists) in a binary search tree will be greater than the value in the node itself.
TOPWhich is the pointer associated with the stack?
FALSEA queue displays LIFO behavior.
FIFOWhat is a queue?
AVAILWhich is the pointer associated with the availability list?
Last in, first outStack is also called the ________________.
Bottom of the stackIn linked representation of stack, the null pointer of the last node in the list signals _____________________.
circular linked listA linear list in which the last node points to the first node.
small batches of records from a fileWhat is a run list?
ArraysWhich of the following data structure can't store the non-homogeneous data elements?
Binary search treeAn electronic address book ordered by name
Two fieldsEach node in a linked list must contain at least ___________________.
List traversed in two directionsWhich of the following is a two-way list?
GraphA program to maintain the routes in an airline.
Windows XP with SP2Your company has asked you to implement Network Access Protection(NAP) on the network. You already have Windows Server 2008 installed on your servers but your organization wants to know which client operating systems will support NAP. What operating system does not support NAP?
push, popInserting an item into the stack when stack is not full is called ____________ while operation and deletion of item from the stack, when stack is not empty is called ________________ operation.
QueueA program to keep track of patients as they check into a medical clinic, assigning patients to doctors on a first-come, first-served basis.
ReverseThe elements are removal from a stack in _________ order.
for the size of the structure and the data in the structure are constantly changingLinked lists are best suited _____________________.
From the Action Center, open the Windows Update window.Your company network includes desktop computers that have Windows 7 installed. Microsoft updates are applied automatically at a scheduled time. A use1- reports that a proprietary application has stopped working. You need to uninstall the most recent update from Microsoft. What should you do first?
LIFOStack follows the strategy of ________________.
Bottom of the stackIn linked representation of stack, the null pointer of the last node in the list signals ____________
pushThe term used to insert an element into stack.
first record of the actual dataThe dummy header in linked list contains ____________________.
FALSEThe value in the left child of a node (if it exists) in a binary search tree will be greater than the value in the node itself.
AVL treeA binary search tree whose left subtree and right subtree differ in height by at most 1 unit is called ____________________.
StackA program keeping track of where canned goods are located on a shelf.
TreesWhich of the following is non-linear data structure?
Tree, Binary search treeIndicate which structure would be a more suitable choice for each of the following applications.
INFOIn linked representation of stack, ___________ fields hold the elements of the stack.
Mirrored volumesAlexandria is the payroll manager and stores critical file on her local drive for added security on her Windows 7 computer. She wants to ensure that she is using the disk configuration with the most fault tolerance and the highest level of consistent availability. Which of the following provisions should she use?
Reverse"The elements are removal from a stack in _________ order. "
pushThis is the insertion operation in the stack.
FALSEAlgorithms that use a list must know whether the list is array based or linked.
stacksThe term push and pop is related to _____________.
UnderflowThe situation when in a linked list START=NULL is ____________________.
Queue linked listA _______________ is a data structure that organizes data similar to a line in the supermarket, where the first one in line is the first one out.
TRUEBinary search trees are ordered.
frontDeletion operation is done using __________ in a queue.
Input restricted dequeueIdentify the data structure which allows deletions at both ends of the list but insertion at only one end.
FIFO listsWhich of the following names does not relate to stacks?
QueueWhich data structure is used in breadth first search of a graph to hold nodes?
stacksThe term push and pop is related to _____________
PopThis is the term used to delete an element from the stack.
All of theseWhich of the following is/are the levels of implementation of data structure?
2Each node in singly linked list has _______ fields.
Implementation level____________________ level is where the model becomes compatible executable code.
DirectAccessIt provides transparent access to internal network resources whenever they are connected to the Internet. It also enables the IT Professionals to manage remote computers outside of the office and does not require a VPN connection.
0Value of first linked list index is _______________.
Virtual Private NetworkThis are point-to-point connection across a private or public network. It uses special protocols, called tunneling protocol to make a virtual call to a virtual port.
FALSEOn average, searching in a binary search tree is faster than searching in a list.
TreeA program to keep track of the soccer teams in a city tournament
Restore Windows by using the most recent System Restore pointYou are a desktop administrator for an enterprise organization. A user applies a device update from the manufacturer, and now the computer is displaying error messages. The user has critical documents on the computer that need to be preserved. You need to restore the computer to an operating state and preserve applications and data. What should you do?
StackWhich of the following data structures is linear type?
GraphWhich of the following data structure is non-linear type?
SentinelThis indicates the end of the list.
The new node is placed at the front of the linked listWhat happens when you push a new node onto a stack?
Binary search treeA dictionary of words used by a spelling checker to be built and maintained.
Link fieldIn a linked list, the ____________ contains the address of next element in the list.
queuesWhich data structure allows deleting data elements from and inserting at rear?
queueIt is a pile in which items are added at one end and removed from the other.
FALSEA stack and a queue are different names for the same ADT.
FALSEA list may be linear or nonlinear, depending on its implementation.
FALSEA binary search tree is another name for a binary tree.
middleIndexing the ________________ element in the list is not possible in linked lists.
popThe retrieval of items in a stack is ___________ operation.
TRUEA leaf in a tree is a node with no children.
StackA program to receive data that is to be saved and processed in the reverse order.
predecessor nodeLINK is the pointer pointing to the ____________________.
From Accessories, click Connect to a Network ProjectorYou use a portable computer that has Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 installed. A conference room at your company has a network projector installed on a server within the company network. You need to connect to the projector from your computer. What should you do?
None of these____________________ is not the component of data structure.
FALSEA stack displays FIFO behavior.
RecoveryYou are the system administrator for your company. You are configuring the services on a Windows 7 computer. You want to ensure that if a service fails to load, it will attempt to restart. Which tab of the service`s Properties dialog box should you use?
FALSEA binary search cannot be applied to a tree.
Control PanelKayla is dissatisfied with the configuration of her keyboard and mouse. She wants to reset the keyboard speed and the mouse pointer rate. Which utility should she use to configure the keyboard and mouse properties?
Binary treeHerder node is used as sentinel in __________________.
stackThis is very useful in situation when data have to be stored and then retrieved in reverse order.
singly linked listA linear list in which the pointer points only to the successive node.
Remote DesktopIt is a windows 7 feature that enables user to connect to their desktop computer from another device.