WEEK 1-20

This is the stage where you polish the order of your ideas and filter the information needed to get your point across and correct any mechanical errors.

The correct answer is: Revising

This refers to the set of basic questions that can start the exploration of your topic.

The correct answer is: journalists' questions

This stage in the writing process narrows your topic into the most important and relevant.

The correct answer is: Pre-writing

Which of the following statements is not true?

The correct answer is: You must start thinking about writing a completely unfamiliar topic and explore it along the way.

True or False: Output is important, but an effective written work is still valued.

The correct answer is: True

Learning activity 2. reading and writing.

Arrange the following sentences to form a comprehensive paragraph.

1.Guerrilla movements can exist only when they have some support from the people in their area of operations

2.The greater the support the more effective the guerrillas become

3.This is because in all lands where a strong, ideologically motivated guerrilla force looks in struggle with the government, ultimate victory goes to the side which succeeds in rallying people