NSTP6102 National Service Training Program 2

NSTP6102 National Service Training Program 2

NSTP is a program designed to develop the youth’s physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being and promote defense preparedness and ethics of service while undergoing training in any of its three program components. Its various components are specially designed to enhance the youth’s active contribution to the general welfare.

Project outline serves as the _________.

-Backbone of the Project

What part of the project proposal will give knowledge on the specific area/site that is subject to the project?

-Location of the Project

What is the important document and part needed before you may start any project?

-Project Outline

Identify which of the statements is correct.

-Proponents of the Project are those individuals that will take into action the Project Proposal

Which of the following should be place on Budgetary of the Project?


In a simple term, what is meant on the Methodology of the Project Proposal?

-Project Process

Maps are important in completing the Location of the Project part. Which of the following is NOT included?

-Country map

Before you will be able to go on the project implementation such as tree planting. You need to finish first the Parts I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.


What part of the Project Proposal emphasizing the primary goal for the implementation of the Project?

-Objectives of the Project

-Identify which of the following should be included in the Proponent part

-All of the above

It is a social strategy in public safety education and training designed to bridge the gap between theoretical instruction and the realities of public safety work through experiential learning.

-Community immersion

Integrating with the locals is also one of the best strategies one organizer can practice in order to catch-up with the current situation of the community. This approach is called:

-Community integration

The following are basic requirements you have to consider when you conduct a community immersion except for one:

-Cellular Phones

Proper use of language is appropriate while visiting a community for it shows courtesy and politeness. An example of this language is:

-using po and opo when talking to elders

External conditions that are helpful to achieving the development of a community are called:


Community immersion requires the students to give donations on the less-fortunate people.


One of the things that are needed to bring during community immersion are extra clothes.


Community immersion also carryout the school’s goal for students – becoming a concerned citizen.


During community immersion, you have to make a lot of promises to the locals so that they will look for you after implementing your project.


Do not ask the community to take of your needs like water, food and other resources.


Which is the correct example of a Social Advocacy?

-Clean up drivev

Between Charity Volunteer and Barangay Tanod. Who is consider as a social advocate?

-Charity Volunteer Only

The primary purpose of Social Advocacy is to _______?

-To give out support

What do you call a representation done by an individual to show his/her concerns?

-Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy is defined as __________?

-An act of an individual or group of individuals to help the society

Why should an advocate be free from conflict of interest?

-To avoid misconception between the advocate’s interest and the client’s need.

What is the difference between individual advocacy and self advocacy?

-Individual advocacy supports only one or two person while the self advocacy may support a group with the same interest of the advocate.

Who among the list may really in need for the support of an advocacy group?

-a disabled person

The following are benefits of advocacy except one.

-It help people to complain for their concerns.

It help people to complain for their concerns.

-Advocacy is not persuading the person to agree with others.

NEDA is the Philippine government agency that has the function for a lot of country’s development, it stands for________________________.

-National Economic and Development Authority

Identify which of the following is NOT an example of corruption?

-Making a transparent audit on government funds

What changes can you, student, do to manage the social problems?

-Share what you learned in school to other people

How does pollution affects the daily life of human?

-It brings many diseases

What is known to be the contamination of the environment due to human activities and natural phenomena?


How can we eliminate if not minimize different social problems?

-Be a social advocate that will start the process of preventing the social problems

What is the major contributor of pollution?


What is considered as undesirable condition in the society?

-Social Problem

Lot of Filipino feels angry about this current issue regarding the misuse of people’s fund by giving it to fake NGOs

-The PDAF scam

This group is one of the major key players in the conflict in Zamboanga happened in couple of weeks last September.

-Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)

Women, Youth, Farmers, and Fishermen are examples of

-Sectoral communities

A Latin word describing quality implying "fellowship community of relations and feelings" is:


What is an aggregation of families and individuals settled in a fairly compact and contiguous geographical area, with significant elements of common life, as shown by manners, customs, traditions and models of speech?


An element of community derived from public documents, folk history, historical roots is


Which of the following is an example of Tribal or Indigenous Community?


How would you classify the community of two different subdivisions within a particular town?

-by its location or boundary

Rural community is different from urban community basically in terms of ___________________.

-population, architecture and means of transportation

Which statement is true?

-community is referring to group of people living together

Which is true about functional community?

-it consists of people who share some common interests or role

What is the major contributor of pollution?


How would you classify a child that merely subject to abuse?

-A child forced to work for his family

What is the major cause of Pollution of water, air, and land?

-Improper waste disposal

What is the best example of pollution prevention?

-Ordinances that prohibiting the use of plastic bags

What criterion to be considered if you want to identify how many people were affected by the community problem?

-range or scope

What criterion to be considered if you want to identify how intense does the problem experience by the people?


Lina got pregnant at age of fifteen that’s why she didn’t finish her study in Secondary. What community problem that may reflect on her case?

-adolescent pregnancy

Different community cases like robbery, theft, shoplifting and the like, were reported in Brgy. Malabanan in span of two years and continuously rising up to present. What problem may the community is encountering?


Mrs. Carmona attends her work at the city every morning, but she lost her job recently because of tardiness. What maybe the reason of her tardiness in line with their community problem?

-poor transportation

Community Organizing is a continuous process of the following except for one:

-Maximizing profit of small and medium businesses in the community

Which of the following proves that community organization improves the quality of people’s lives?

-All of the choices

What is a systematic, planned and liberating change process of transforming a complacent, deprived and malfunctioning community into an organized, conscious, empowered and selfreliant, just and humane entity and institution?

-Community organizing

Community organizing defined is a process of both process and method.


The goals of community organizing includes the following except for one:

-Promotion of entrepreneurship

Which statement is true about the purpose of community organizing?

-Sustain permanent organizational structures for resource management.

Why does the community organizing is important?

-Because through this, people work together in an organized manner for social change.

Which community organizing principle point up that the organizer must begin with the resources available within the community and just need to improve it?

-“Start With and Build on What the People Know”

What community organizing principle to be considered when giving instructions or demonstrating procedures to the people within the community?

-“Teach By Showing, Learn by Doing”

Who will be the head of a particular community organizing?

-Community Organizer

What do you call the process of creating or forming a group that will practice the common and shared interest of each member?

-Community Organizing

What is the type of community pertaining to territories and boundaries?

-Geographic Community

What do you call the issues and challenges the community is facing?

-Community Problems

Which of the following is NOT an example of Community problems?

-Medical Mission

Which of the following is the not considered as the guiding principle in Community Organizing?

-Feed them and do not teach them

Communities of Culture refers to ethnic and religious groups.


Community derived from the Old Tagalog word Comunidad.


One of the purposes of Community Organizing is to complete the NSTP subject.


Community organizer must have the ability to facilitate the community process by giving continues support to the locals.


Frequency is one of the criteria should be considered in identifying community problems.


Which is true on these statements. (I.) Absolute Poverty can still supply basic needs but for a limited volume only; while relative poverty was the severe deprivation of basic human needs. (II.) Absolute poverty refers to severe deprivation of basic human needs; while relative poverty was the situation wherein it can supply basic human needs but for a limited volume only.

-Statement II

What does Social problems are also known to be?

-Undesirable Condition

What do you refer as the abuse of public power, office, or resources by elected government officials for personal gain.


Issues can be based on the occurrence of certain situations or events.

-background of the issue

What do you call is the introduction of a contaminant into the environment. It is created mostly by human actions, but can also be a result of natural disasters.


These problems affect all people regardless of background, status or other classification.

-public concerns

Any act which results in non-accidental and/or unreasonable inflicting of physical injury to a child.

-physical abuse

________ refers to the inability to satisfy the basic needs.


What is Social Advocacy?v

-Representation done by anyone committed to the concerns of any particular group in society.

Advocacy requires vigor of action which means an advocate can take time and be slow in responding to his advocacy groups' needs.